Sunday, July 5, 2015 :: All About Beauty - Graceous & Datsumo Labo

(Before I begin my blogpost, can y'all see the tuft of baby hair growth sticking out like a sore thumb? Hehe on my next round of scalp treatment, aminexil and densifique treatment for hair fall control and more hair growth!) 

My favourite places to go for my beauty touch-ups every month have to be Salon Vim, Graceous, Datsumo Labo and bimonthly, IDS. I make it a point to set aside 1-2 days a month to do at least a treatment on my hair, fix my lashes and have IPL done on my body. The significance of beauty to me is to make myself feel confident and good about myself - and that starts from having healthy hair, glowing skin and accentuating my eyes (which I consider as one of my favourite features). On hindsight, this post can be perceived as a superficial blabberish but really, I take it as a form of respect to myself that I take time out for self grooming. It is all about improving my own self-image and esteem. 

On a lighter note, after working with Graceous for nearly 1.5 years now, I am so happy that they have now opened their second outlet at Bugis (Purvis Street to be exact)! Gone were the days when you call in just to find out that the next available appointment is 3 weeks away! 

Graceous has really graceful techniques in attaching individual lashes to your real lashes such that it does not hurt your real lashes nor cause any irritation to your eyes. I have been on eyelash extensions for the longest time! Two good things about eyelash extensions - Firstly, with eyelash extensions, I do not rub my eyes when I feel sleepy (yes I actually have a habit of doing that last time and it's quite bad! You get lines from rubbing and tugging at your eyes!) and secondly, I can totally skip the step of eye liner as fuller lashes means and illusion of a full lash line! 

Bugis Outlet *New Outlet*
26A Purvis Street
Tel: +65 8799 2454

River Valley Outlet
9 Mohamed Sultan Rd 
Tel: +65 8699 6045


A recent beach holiday experience with a group of girls have prompted me to sit down and write this post as we are now entering the bikini season which means more women will be booking their waxing appointments and I need to be quick about what I wish to share about. 

With how fast technology is advancing in our time, I am surprised there are still women out there doing hair removal via waxing. Other than it being so unbearably painful, you actually worsen your hair growth and make your hair thicker. A common consensus that came up in our conversation during HTH talks over the beach holiday is waxing actually increases your hair growth AND the area of hair growth. Let me be explicit here. Two of the girlfriends experienced hair growth creeping TOWARDS their thigh from the pubic region after years of waxing appointments - with the hair growth and the thickness/coarseness of hair not being reduced as promised by who else, yes your usual therapists.

I personally experienced this as well in the past. And each girl thought it only happened to herself. But no, so many of us have experienced the same issues with waxing. Even if it may not happen to you, the fact remains it is happening to others. The switch to IPL is the one decision I never regret after 3 years of waxing experiences and empty promises that "your hair growth will be drastically reduced" and "you need to do more waxing sessions to see the results" blah blah. Let me not go into the science behind why waxing WILL NOT reduce your hair growth because it involves scientific jardon like how the disulphide bond that forms between keratin causes your hair to thicken and curl. Yes I told you I am a very "science" person haha. And my point here is, go for IPL. It is better for you and your skin in the long term. You can prevent a sagging pubic region too in time to come - just imagine the wax strips tugging at your most delicate areas month after month. The result? I guess I leave it up to you to figure that out. 

At Datsumo Labo, I frequent the branch at Orchard Central where my favourite therapist, Janice, is! I go for monthly sessions for IPL removal at these areas - Underarms, brazilian area, full legs, full arms, back. I am intending to achieve completing an almost full body hair removal by my wedding day. I know I am referring to some beauty standards here but I honestly find body hair beastly and just not attractive. 

I have been visiting Datsumo Labo for close to a year now and ever since I experienced how hair removal can lighten the look of my skin (because beastly black hairs actually makes your overall skin tone look even darker than it actually is) coupled with IPL which helps to lighten and brighten my skin tone (especially underarm and bikini areas), I AM SOLD

Not to be misleading, IPL is not completely permanent. Baby hairs still grow from the follicles but the hair growth is sooooo fine you almost cannot see it. Well, I can't fault that ;) On some areas, you may completely eradicate hair growth (which I truly appreciate especially on the brazilian areas heh) of course, with the proper amount of treatments and most importantly, A GOOD THERAPIST

Up till now, I have achieved close-to-permanent body removal on some parts of my body which makes me feel confident when I don a bikini - I'm referring to places like my full arms, full legs, brazilian areas and stomach. 

On a mission now to achieve full body hair removal when I don my gown for my wedding. I am looking at...probably a backless gown like those from Galiahav so....we shall see! Usually you will need 3 years to completely remove all body hairs but Datsumo Labo only requires 1 year due to their unique treatment periods and of course, the efficacy of their treatment machines ;) 

Datsumo Labo
Orchard Central Shopping Mall
181 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
Tel: 6884 6482

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 :: How We Saved $250 Dining With Eatigo App At Clarke Quay

It was an all-girls yummy Monday evening where we went on a food trail at Clarke Quay. There are so many hidden treasures at Clarke Quay which have gone unnoticed even until now. Many of the restaurants we went to were quiet (maybe because we usually visit on weekdays) but we were enjoying the peacefulness in all the restaurants we hopped into. I mean, it is a nice break away from the buzz at work and yet it is in a central location. 

Clarke Quay is now the girls' favourite lunch and dinner destination. It is so easy to come together during lunch and dinner as it is a central location for us and everyone's favourite restaurants are all situated in that district hah. 

So, here's the best part in this blog post - We discovered the EATIGO app via our friend's recommendation and the rest is history. We have been booking restaurants via this app; partly due to our big group, we usually have to book in advance BUT more so this app offers up to 50% discount when we make a reservation at selected timings! 

 I will share more about the app at the end of the post after all the yummy food photos! 

Our first stop at Clarke Quay is at my favouriteeeee restaurant - Hot Stones Steak & Seafood.
This restaurant features a unique dining concept and at a unique location as well - you get to dine on a boat while cooking your meats and seafood on serpertine volcanic stone slabs. I loveeeee this unique way of cooking as it seals in the natural flavours of the meats and seafood. The food is cooked with a nice char and piping hot as the volcanic stone maintains at a prime cooking temperature for 30 minutes before a new stone is changed. So the result is the same delicious and flavourful bite everytime I sink my teeth in! YUM. Just YUM.

We ordered Hot Stones Surf and Turf (Australian Tajima Wagyu and King Prawns). It was served on serpertine volcanic hot stone with sea salt, mustard and red wine yummmmmmm. It comes with sides of garlic rice, salad or potato wedge. We went for potato wedges as this place serve up really crunchy and soft centre wedges which is super delish.

For more info and booking at Hot Stones (with a discount!!), refer to this link here:

Pssst, this is a 4 star dining destination at a value for money! 


Our next stop is at Fremantle Seafood Market. Similarly, we get up to 50% discount dining here at our selected booking times heh. The seafood platter with King Crab, Corn, Prawns and Clams is a must order. We had two of these platters for 4 girls and it was gobsmacked. 

Visit the Fremantle Seafood Market HERE for more info and discounts:


When we say we can eat, we really can eat alotttt for four girls :p 
At our third stop, we came to Pind Balluchi, an award winning restaurant from India known for its North Indian cuisine. I don't really go for indian cuisines and this is the only restaurant I will go to for a sumptuous North Indian feast! It is a mix of food prepared with spice marination and slow cooking to maintain the juiciness in the food. One of my favourite dishes here is the Bhatti Chicken, Peshawri Naan, Garlic Naan and the super creamy buttery Buttermilk curry which tastes like a sweet version of creamy pumpkin gravy. Aww, so good, so good

For more info and booking on Pind Balluchi, visit this link HERE to get discounts on your reservation!

Bhatti Chicken, marinated overnight with spices from the Indian pantry and grilled in a tandoori oven. 

Barra Chops (Lamb Chops)

Tandoori Broccoli. Love the hint of smokiness and a faint yoghurt taste.

Galouti Kebabs (Lamb Patties)

Pershawri Naan (Fruit Naan) & Garlic Naan

Ahh, I can always go back for this. The buttermilk curry gravy that has a hint of yoghurt taste in it. It is extremely creamy, smooth and sweet. Love it love it!


Our last stop is Azmaya at Roberson Quay, heh. YES!! We can really eat!
Azmaya is an authentic Shabu Shabu restaurant and it serves up really good A5 Wagyu Sirloin. We love that the soup is mildly brewed with Konbu and does not have a thick flavour to it that makes the tastebuds numb after several servings. The soup is flavoured with the natural sweetness of the vegetables and meat and we like the lightness of the soup as it is ;)

For more details and booking discounts, refer to this link HERE

Wagyu Roast Beef with a beautiful pinkish centre and appetising and rich dressing ;)

A5 Wagyu Sirloin. YUMMMMM


So this is how I do booking of restaurants on the EATIGO app. It is so easy to use and most importantly fuss-free. There are more restaurants added every week and we are constantly on the lookout for new dining destinations hehe. 

Loading the app by Eatigo-recommended restaurants and there you go! My favourite Hot Stones Steak & Seafood is the first on the list! You get to choose the time slots so let's say you go for lunch reservation at 12pm, you get 50% off! 

After choosing my time slot, you will enter a "Booking Detail" page. There you can see, I am booking for 4 of us girls at 6.30pm dinner time at 50% off! ;) Varying time slots offer different discounts so keep a lookout for 30-50% discounts because THAT IS A DAMN GOOD DEAL! 

So there is this page where you get a rough estimate of the discount you get.
Let's say you manage to book a time slot with 30% discount. The Premium Surf & Turf platter that we ordered will be at $33.60 instead of $48! Woah! If the pricing doesn't entice you, I don't know what would haha. Premium foods at a value-for-money always make us extremely excited! Across the 4 restaurants we headed to that night, we saved a grand total of approximately $250 as most of our bills were halved ;) Excited yet??

Once you have confirmed your booking, you will come to this page and also receive an email on your confirmation booking. 

Annddddd, you get to claim a reward after fulfilling your reservation! ;) This GSS campaign will end on 26 July so hurry make your reservations to get some surprises in your email! 
Very pleased with this reward as I am always heading down to either Starbucks or Coffee Bean at 313 Somerset and Orchard Gateway to have a cuppa and get some work done while I'm out of office hee.

There you go! If you had followed me on snapchat, you would have seen some of my girls' dinner night outings! It is really fun to go out as a group to dine at different restaurants while travelling from one location to another! What's more, we get pretty good deals for our meals ;) 

For your convenience, here are all the restaurants we have visited: 

Hot Stones -
Fremantle -
Pind Balluchi -
Azmaya -

To learn more about the Eatigo App, you can find more information here! It is so so so easy to create an account and do a booking. At the very first time, I took less than 8 minutes to set up an account, choose my restaurant and complete my booking! The learning curve is very small as well - if I can say this, I am sure most of you can do it in the same amount of time or even lesser haha! 

Choose to download the app on your phones or head down to this link for more info! 

Bon Appetit! ;)

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Thursday, June 18, 2015 :: L'Oreal Professional Singapore Fashion Week 2015

It had been some busy couple of weeks after Singapore Fashion Week 2015 and I am penning this post for one of the more exciting shows I have attended. Leading haircare brand L'Oreal Professional launched their V-look face slimming haircut service at the Singapore Fashion Week with South Korean superstar and actress Yoon Eun Hye, as L'Oreal's first Asian brand spokesperson modelling the look.

This is the first L'Oreal Professionnel haircut and color service specially created for Asian consumers inspired by the Koreans because we Asian ladies are always looking for "that V look", aren't we? ;) This haircut technique and color service helps Asian women achieve a "V look" without any cosmetic surgery via custom haircutting techniques with colors suited for your skin tone that will be able to frame your face lending the illusion of a slimmer look. 

Thanks to L'Oreal Professional, I got the chance to sit in during the press conference and meet South Korean celebrity hairstylist, Chahong, seen in my photos below. She is so tiny, and absolutely gorgeous! 

When I thought my luck may have run out, I had the opportunity to visit Yoon Eun Hye in her hotel suite and also speak to her personal styling team about Miss Yoon's skincare and makeup above all! ;) From this session, the styling team commented on how "my hairstylist" (which is none other than John!!) had given me a great haircut that frames my face well making it look sharp and small, teehee. Hurry down to Salon Vim to get your V-look haircut and color service today! 

I am also giving away 2 L'Oreal Professional hampers worth $120 each for 2 lucky winners. More details to be released on my IG so stick around! ;) 

With my lovely readers who won exclusive invites to the show! Hope I have been a good host! ;) 

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Minaudiere: Miss Selfridge
Hair: John Tham from Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset
Makeup: Yours truly

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