Tuesday, January 26, 2016 :: Deep Care Proionic Facial at J's Medi-Spa

Thinking about pampering yourself and getting rid of those lines around your neck and face but don't know which place offers an effective and long-lasting treatment AND is value-for-money at the same time? Keep reading on and be wowed by a comparison of my half-face. Psst, the above 2 photos were taken sans makeup after my facial treatment. 

A visit to the J's Salon saw me at J's Medi-Spa where the spa's way of life is infusing the best elements within technology, expertise and the natural environment with J’s Medi-Spa’s philosophy - which is by adopting a holistic approach to beauty to enhance the customers’ well being. It is also a hair spa and hair salon.

An experience with the Deep Care Proionic Facial made me understand what does the "best elements within technology, expertise and natural environment" stands for. "Technology" would stand for the innovation medical system from Spain (its' inventor won a Nobel Prize Award for this invention) which harnesses a patented radiowave frequency to deliver deep tissue effect to targeted skin tissues. "Expertise" would refer to the type of products used in enhancing the facial treatment process and this would be Skinceuticals - a clinical grade skincare brand used by dermatologists to complement aesthetics procedures. And lastly, "Natural Environment" would stand for using the heat from our own body which will be transferred via the electrode and into the depths of our skin tissues using radiofrequency waves (and not external heat like electric currents). This treatment is so gentle yet effective that it can be used on the eyes as well to remove bags under the eyes. 

(Photo shows electrodes that form part of Proionic treatment as explained above)

Now, I am going to get a little scientific here. But that's how I like to understand any kind of treatments before I proceed. The effects of this patented Deep Care Proionic Facial would facilitate the exchange of positive and negative ions between the extracellular and intracellular matrix of cells to create a balanced state of ions. In simpler terms, more healthy cells. The results of this balanced macroenvironment will lead to increased metabolism, improved blood and lymphatic circulation, increased collagen levels and elastic fibre production that all leads to a firmer and smoother skin. This treatment is also recommended for people who are keen to reduce the apperance of cellulite, firming of breast, saggy underarms, abdominal and thighs as well. But of course, at my age, I do not need these as yet, so I opted for a facial treatment which I definitely do not regret. 

(Photo above shows the body heat obtained from my own body is transferred via the electrode to the hands of my therapist which aids in the process of a lymphatic massage

The radiofrequency safely penetrates to the deeper tissues, producing effective results
that are not only superficially visible but also deeply generated with long-lasting
effects. From the photo below, you can see the BEFORE and AFTER for half of my face and the results is immediately visible with more improvements to my skin texture and firmness in the weeks after. The 2 faint lines on my neck has also benefitted from this treatment process as they are now no longer visible ;) 

Keen to experience the Proionic Facial Treatment? Quote my name, 'Tricia' to enjoy the following exclusive CNY promotions (amongst others) valid from 15 January to 15 March 2016. Call +65 6834 0012 / +65 6738 8488 to book your appointment and find out what other promotions are in-store for you!  

Deep Care Proionic Facial (90mins)
Receive each treatment at an exclusive promotion price of $298 (U.P$478).

Proionic Slimming (90mins)
Receive each treatment at an exclusive promotion price of $298 (U.P$478).

For more information, visit J’s Medi-Spa at www.js.com.sg.

J’s Medi-Spa is located at:
J’s Salon
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road Level 3
Tel: +65 6834 0012 / +65 6738 8488

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Monday, January 11, 2016 :: The Best of Lancôme

Seen any of your favourites in the photos?

In this post, I will be featuring some my favourites from Lancôme this season to prep for the festivities ahead like Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! My Génifique Youth Activating Concentrate has gotten an upgrade to 100ml (as I finished using the 50ml bottle)! Introducing one of my must-use serum that repairs and activates the skin from within. The result of incorporating this serum into my skincare regime is being able to achieve a brightly lit skin due to a more even skin tone and refined texture that allows for better light reflection and refraction just within two weeks of usage. I also use the Génifique Light Pearl Eye Illuminator serum. It improves the skin texture around the contour of my eyes so its smoother and more luminous which helps when I apply the concealer - my makeup glides on perfectly and the dark sunken area under my eyes are not as pronounced as it used to be. 

My favourites in a flatlay! Spot my L'Absolu Rouge lippies which I featured on my snapchat (@thevgygirl) previously! I love how my lips become moist and fuller looking with the beautiful coral and red tones. You will be surprised at how pigmented these deep coral and red tones are! 

One thing I love about Cushion Foundation is the ten seconds to perfection mantra. Do you know how fast and fuss-free it is to apply makeup using a cushion? The formula contains depigmenting properties which leaves the complexion radiant and illuminated. It is also ideal for reducing pores and surface imperfections while leaving skin visibly even. With its anti-wrinkle properties, it actually gives your skin a well-rested look too - now you know why it's my favourite! I usually go with just a single layer but you like more coverage, this cushion foundation actually lets you build the coverage. Nonetheless, the single layer gives me very healthy looking and breathtakingly radiant skin which always gets me compliments even on the streets! Go try it yourself (see more about trying it yourself at the end of the post)!

Lastly, I can't do with a foundation without SPF so it is a bonus this comes with SPF 23/PA+++ to protect my complexion from UVA and UVB and to prevent formation of age spots. This is getting real with my age hitting the high 20s, gulp. So prevention is always better because cure...is gonna' be helluva expensive and difficult to eradicate. Psst, I am using shade P-01 by the way! There are a total of 8 shades so I'm sure you can definitely find something very close to your skin for the natural look! 

And...did the unique Petal and Spring cushion cases catch your attention!? They are limited edition pieces and will be given to you with compliments from Lancome with the purchase of two refill packs. 

Last but not least, something which I have featured before on my Instagram (@vaingloriousyou) - the Miracle EDP range! This is the scent that I always fall back on when I get tired on all the other perfumes on my vanity table. The scent is really special to me and it is hard to explain - I would call it a really fresh fragrance that is not overly sweet nor overpowering. Perhaps it is because I have good memories with this scent and it always gives me comfort and warmth. 

Now for the exciting part! Want to try all these products that I own? You can head on down to the store to experience the Best of Lancôme service starting with a 2 min aura skincare service awakening your skin with Génifique Serum and Light Pearl. You will be able to create your perfect complexion using your choice of foundation then enhance the look with a bold lip using L'Absolu Rouge Definition Lipstick. Lastly, you can finish off with a spritz of my favourite Lancôme Miracle Fragrance and walk away with a Personalised Sample Kit! 

For more information on the products or the complimentary services, give https://goo.gl/bxlpEJ a lookup! Adding on to that, you can lay your hands on these products at all Lancome counters, while stock last. 

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Saturday, December 5, 2015 :: BRAND’S® Christmas Guide 2015

[Cue: Play Sophie Park's, Every Day's A Holiday] 

The month of December is always my favourite time of the year. Wonderful things always happen during this month. It is my birthday, John's birthday, my dad's birthday, my right-hand angel's birthday, Jesus's birthday - all of my favourite people are celebrating this special month with me and I can't be any happier. There is something special about Christmas - this festivity spirit that is not repeated in quite the same magical way by any other time of the year. And I know it is because Jesus made this day happen :*) 

I really like Christmas because this is the season of giving and receiving. In my case, more so, giving. I look forward to heading out to shop for presents, scratching my head to think of what should I be getting for him/her this year that makes a meaningful gift. I like holding so many bags of purchases on my hands that I can't walk without wobbling haha. I love the tradition of wrapping mini bags of chocolates and candies during midnight then giving it away like Santa Claus the days lining up to Christmas. This tradition is something special that John and I shared ever since we knew each other. This is so special to us and it makes us happy. 

This year, gifting is ever important to me and I realized my thought process has significantly changed  when I think of the type of gifts to get for my loved ones. As we grow older, our interests, needs and wants change so it's no wonder, I see health supplements in some of the Christmas gifts that were under the tree for gift exchange just last year. Haha, yes, I am not kidding, this has became damn real. This year, I think about gifts that can be consumed and better the recipient's health because, at our age where we all strive for career and success, we tend to neglect one thing - health. In fact, I think I am pretty much at a self-destructive age where I am constantly working, constantly finding the need to pop pills and visit the doctors'. When I put a number to that, three people closest to me worked the hardest in my honest opinion, and have little regards for their health. These three people are my fiance, John, my sister, Felicia, and my right-hand angel, Eve who works side by side with me in VGY. 

Health is the best gift one can receive and what can be more precious than gifting my loved ones a special something for their health? 

Enter the world of BRAND’S® Gift Catalogue where you can use the personality test to determine what is the suitable gift! There are plenty of ideas for gifting and you get to choose from a range of personalities from BFF to colleagues to best bro and even more. This Christmas gift guide is just so convenient and easy to use with colorful infographics with ideas for gifting. 

With its help, I have managed to shortlist meaningful health-related gifts. For both Felicia and Eve, both of them work tediously long hours in office and other than sacrificing eye health for one, the other suffers from irregular meal times, sigh. 

For someone like Fel, who is always facing long hours in front of the computer, I have shortlisted  BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence as it contains seven premium berries, an excellent sources of antioxidant which neutralizes harmful free radicals and prevent the degeneration of eye cells. Additionally, it also contain Zinc and vitamins A, C and E which provides the required nutrients to benefit eye health. 

Our eyes are responsible for 80% of all the information that the brain receives, which is much more compared to the other senses. The vision once damaged due to neglect, will be irreplaceable so it is always never too early to start taking care of our eyes. Much more for people like Fel who are clocking 12 hours a day at work in front of the computer, she should be placing more importance on protecting her eye health from within. 

As for my right-hand angel at work, Eve, I have chosen  BRAND'S® InnerShine® Dietary Fiber Mix as she is one who tends to snack in between meals due to the long working hours. Instead of snacking on junk food, I thought it will be a great idea to gift her this Mini Meal Dietary Fiber Mix as not only is it great tasting, it can also be enjoyed in between meals like a dessert! The Mini Meal also contains a unique combination of dietary fibre, prebiotic fibre and beneficial pasteurized lactic acid bacteria to support healthy gut environment and bowel regularity. 

As a gift to myself, what better gift than a health supplement which can improve my skin's elasticity to keep it firm and youthful-looking. The  BRAND'S® InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract strengthens collagen and improves skin's elasticity to keep it firm and youth looking. I was pleasantly surprised to read that the Grape Seed Extract contains higher antioxidant properties than Vitamin C by 20 times and Vitamin E by 50 times. Which also means....with regular consumption, youthful and radiant skin is just a drink away! 

With the gifting season, everyone loves a great Christmas promotion, don't we? ;) 

The  BRAND’S® InnerShine® Berry Essence (IBE) is going for only $9.90 per pack of 4 bottles! And it is even better that it is already nicely packaged as a ready to gift present with Christmas packaging. 

The  BRAND’S® InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract (IBGE) gift is only at $19.90 which makes a pretty neat Secret Santa gift, doesn't it? ;) 

The above-mentioned products are now available for purchase in personal care stores, pharmacies and supermarkets. Visit their e-store for more information and get some ideas for Christmas gifting. 

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